Promove safety of our customers


IR temperature control

of hands

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitization of clothing and footwear

Sprinkler activation with a sensor


Sanitizing and Disinfectant Prevention System

AKTIV CUBO - Pórticos de higienização

How it works

TDx works in disinfecting and sanitizing clothes, hair, objects and shoes, using an automated sprinkling system, eliminating a large percentage of pathogens.

Temperature and Sanitation

The temperature control and the hand sanitizer solution are also integrated in the equipment, constituting an excellent support for the communication of your brand and implemented safety standards.

AKTIV CUBO - Pórticos de higienização

Promote the safety of your customers

Use of advanced oxidation processes, where the antimicrobial power of a base solution is increased by treatment with UV radiation


Objective: Sanitize clothes, shoes and objects and not people
Use of cross jets reduces the risk of eye and respiratory tract irritation, by inhalation, unlike technologies such as direct sprinkling or fine fogging

High pressure sprinkler system
Indirect sprinkler by cross-jets carried out in front (2 pairs) and behind the person (2 pairs).
Cross-jets cancel the kinetic energy of the direct jets, reducing the moment of the mist, suspending it close to the person, avoiding the accumulation of humidity and the wet effect of this type of solutions and maximizing the contact with the clothes

  • Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
  • Easy to assemble and transport (wheelset system)
  • Dimensions adapted to commercial spaces
  • Plug-in system
  • IR temperature control (optional)
  • Hand Sanitizer (optional)
  • Sprinkler activation with a sensor (optional)
  • Personalization with company image
  • Excellent advertising and information framework (safety and prevention rules)
  • Service capacity: up to 5 people per minute

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